IT & Software

We strengthen our investments in software and hardware technologies and produce solutions for all our customers’ systems by analyzing their software needs with our team. Our experienced MYZ Co team, which allows our customers to grow their businesses with these solutions and helps create a unique competitive advantage, develops custom software applications that are designed exactly for existing processes, solve the most challenging problems, and yield measurable results for businesses. Our support unit is always with our customers during this whole process, and we professionally carry out operations, such as regular system maintenance, server updates, backup and security.

At MYZ Co, we offer custom software applications ranging from calculation software to the most complex business software. We follow technological and software developments closely and provide mentorships as angel investors for faster growth of start-up projects.

We are also involved in the global game market with our young and dynamic game programming team, which is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to problems by using the latest technology and new approaches. We design games and develop applications and programs that feature the latest technologies, as well as a fast custom interface, improvable structure, ease of operation and integration on different platforms.