Outdoor Advertising

We bring creative ideas for outdoor advertising to our customers who want to reach their target audiences directly, engrave their brand on the minds of their customers, gain prestige, and become more successful in the outdoor advertising market.


Media & Advertising

With our creative designs that make a difference, we prepare decor, sound and light systems for stages, launches, fairs and organization work with a professional approach, and share the excitement of our customers with the tent and caravan rental services we provide to organizations.


IT & Software

We design software applications, are angel investors for start-up projects, design games and develop programs for the global game market with our young and dynamic team, which follows technological and software developments closely and is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to problems.


Automotive & Fleet Leasing

Knowing that time is valuable and speed is an important factor in life, we offer safe, enjoyable, technology-based, easily accessible automotive and fleet rental services to every point in Turkey to make life easier.



At MYZCO, we aim to become an essential partner for every customer we serve, and produce solutions with an innovative approach that is open to change and transformation.



Contact Us!

Please note that you can reach us at any time through our social-media accounts and at info@myzco.com!

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